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(91205) 1998 US43

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Discovered by  Marc W. Buie
MPC designation  (91205) 1998 US43
Observation arc  6314 days (17.29 yr)
Orbital period  248 years
Orbits  Sun
Discovery date  22 October 1998
Minor planet category  plutino (TNO)
Aphelion  44.399 AU (6.6420 Tm)
Discovered  22 October 1998
Discoverer  Marc William Buie
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory
Minor planet category  Plutino (Trans-Neptunian object)
Similar  S/2015 (136472) 1, Nix, Hydra, Sun

(91205) 1998 US43, also written as a (91205) 1998 US43 is a plutino, so it has a 2:3 resonance with Neptune, similar to Pluto. It has a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) at 34.002 AU and an aphelion (farthest approach from the Sun) at 44.220 AU . It is about 116 km in diameter, so it is unlikely to ever be classified as a dwarf planet due to its relatively small size. It was discovered on October 22, 1998, by Marc W. Buie.


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