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(88710) 2001 SL9

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Discovered by  NEAT
Alternative names  None
Aphelion  1.3480 AU (201.66 Gm)
Absolute magnitude  17.6
Asteroid group  Apollo asteroid
Discovery date  18 September 2001
Observation arc  22318 days (61.10 yr)
Discovered  18 September 2001
Discovery site  Palomar Observatory
(88710) 2001 SL9

Perihelion  0.77471 AU (115.895 Gm)
Discoverer  Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking

(88710) 2001 SL9 is a binary Apollo asteroid discovered by NEAT at Palomar Observatory.


Near-Earth Asteroid

Although 2001 SL9 is classified as a Near-Earth asteroid, it does not pose any threats. It has never, nor will it ever in the next century, come closer than 15,000,000 km (0.1 AU) from Earth or Venus. However, the asteroid would make a good target for a spacecraft flyby, as a flyby to 2010 SL9 would only require a delta-v of 5.4 km/s.


2001 SL9 has one moon, S/2001 (88710) 1. It was discovered from lightcurve observations made by P. Pravec et al. This moon is approximately 310 m (1,020 ft) in diameter. Its semi-major axis is 1.8 km (1.1 mi) and its orbital period is 16.4 hours.


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