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(85770) 1998 UP1

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Discovered by  1998-10-18 by LINEAR
Alternative names  (85770)
Observation arc  8787 days (24.06 yr)
Discovered  18 October 1998
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Aten asteroid
Discovery date  18 October 1998
Minor planet category  Aten
Aphelion  1.3427 AU (200.87 Gm)
Inclination  33.18°
Discovery site  Socorro
Discoverer  Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research
Similar  Sun, Solar System, 54509 YORP, 2002 AA29, 2003 YN107

1998 UP1 is a near Earth, Aten asteroid orbiting at nearly a 1:1 resonance with Earth.


With an orbital period of 364.3 days, 1998 UP1 is in a near 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth. Although their periods are almost identical, their orbits are very different; 1998 UP1 has a highly eccentric orbit and moves between 0.65 – 1.35 AU from the Sun, it is also very highly inclined at 33°. The preliminary period of 1998 UP1 was originally thought to be slightly longer than 1 year producing an error in the predicted position of about 35 degrees; it was selected as a priority for recovery and recovered by the Camarillo Observatory on 12 October 1999.

1998 UP1 also makes close approaches to Venus and will pass 0.0255 AU (3,810,000 km; 2,370,000 mi) from Venus on 24 January 2115.


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