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(85633) 1998 KR65

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Discovered by  Gary M. Bernstein
MPC designation  (85633) 1998 KR65
Minor planet category  TNO (cubewano)
Discovered  29 May 1998
Orbits  Sun
Discovery date  29 May 1998
Alternative names  none
Observation arc  3289 days (9.00 yr)
Absolute magnitude  6.7
People also search for  (52747) 1998 HM151
Discovery site  Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
Minor planet category  Trans-Neptunian object (Classical Kuiper belt object)

(85633) 1998 KR65, also written as (85633) 1998 KR65, is a cubewano. It has a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) at 42.385 AU and an aphelion (farthest approach from the Sun) at 44.859 AU. It is about 192 km in diameter. It was discovered on May 29, 1998, by Gary M. Bernstein.


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