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(7641) 1986 TT6

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Discovered by  M. Antal
MPC designation  (7641) 1986 TT6
Discovered  5 October 1986
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Jupiter trojan
Discovery date  5 October 1986
Observation arc  40.77 yr (14,893 days)
Absolute magnitude  9.3
Discoverer  Milan Antal
(7641) 1986 TT6

Alternative names  1986 TT6 · 1975 VT5 1975 XS4 · 1986 VP5 1991 HY · 1996 RN26
Minor planet category  Jupiter trojan (Greek camp)
Discovery site  Piwnice Astronomical Observatory
People also search for  Sun, 1807 Slovakia, 20991 Jánkollár

(7641) 1986 TT6 is a carbonaceous Jupiter trojan asteroid in the Greek camp (L4 Lagrangian Point), approximately 69 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 5 October 1986, by Slovak astronomer Milan Antal at the Toruń Centre for Astronomy in Piwnice, Poland.

Physical Characteristics

(7641) 1986 TT6 is a medium-sized asteroid. It has a slow rotation of 22.77 hours. Its low albedo suggests that it is a carbonaceous asteroid. It is classified as a D-type asteroid by Pan-STARRS' large-scale survey.


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