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(53319) 1999 JM8

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Discovered by  LINEAR
Alternative names  1990 HD1
Aphelion  4.4760 AU (669.60 Gm)
Inclination  13.856°
Orbits  Sun
Discovery date  13 May 1999
Observation arc  9442 days (25.85 yr)
Discovered  13 May 1999
Argument of perihelion  166.76°
Asteroid group  Apollo asteroid
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Minor planet category  Apollo PHAMars crosser
Discoverer  Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research
Similar  Solar System, 4183 Cuno, Sun, 2063 Bacchus, 4660 Nereus

53319 1999 jm8

(53319) 1999 JM8 (also written (53319) 1999 JM8) is a Potentially hazardous asteroid, near-Earth asteroid and Mars-crosser asteroid discovered by LINEAR. Radar imaging by Goldstone and Arecibo has revealed the asteroid to have an effective diameter of 6.4 km. Like the asteroid 4179 Toutatis, its rotation speed is unusually slow and possibly chaotic. It is the largest Potentially hazardous object known.

It passed closer than 0.20 AU to the Earth five times in the last century (0.033 AU in 1990), but its closest approach in the 21st century will be in 2075 at 0.256 AU.


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