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(469372) 2001 QF298

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Discovery date  August 19, 2001
Alternative names  none
Observation arc  4526 days (12.39 yr)
MPC designation  2001 QF298
Minor planet category  TNO Plutino
Discovered by  Marc W. Buie Cerro Tololo (807)

(469372) 2001 QF298, also written as 2001 QF298, is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) that resides in the Kuiper belt. It was discovered on August 19, 2001 by Marc W. Buie. 2001 QF298 is a plutino, meaning that it is locked in a 3:2 orbital resonance with Neptune, much like Pluto.


Physical characteristics

In 2012, the size of 2001 QF298 was estimated based on thermal radiation data obtained with the Herschel Space Telescope. The result was 408.2+40.2

In the visible light, the object appears to have a neutral or slightly red color.

Dwarf planet candidate

When first discovered, 2001 QF298 was calculated to have an absolute magnitude (H) of 4.7. Light-curve-amplitude analysis from 2008 showed only small deviations, which suggested that 2001 QF298 could be a spheroid about 480 kilometres (300 mi) in diameter with small albedo spots and hence a dwarf planet. It is not included in the same authors' list of dwarf-planet candidates from 2010 because, having an absolute magnitude of 5.4 and assumed albedo of 0.1, it would be less than the cut-off size of 450 kilometres (280 mi) (the same criteria as in the first paper).


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