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(391211) 2006 HZ51

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Discovered by  Catalina Sky Survey
Alternative names  none
Observation arc  4775 days (13.07 yr)
Absolute magnitude  18.5
Discoverer  Catalina Sky Survey
Discovery date  27 April 2006
Minor planet category  Amor
Discovered  27 April 2006
Asteroid group  Amor asteroid
Aphelion  2.75104 AU (411.550 Gm)

(391211) 2006 HZ51 is an 800 meter in diameter asteroid discovered on 27 April 2006 by the Catalina Sky Survey that with a 1.1 day observation arc was thought to have a 1 in 6 million chance of hitting Earth on 21 June 2008. Further refinement of the orbit quickly eliminated the risk. The preliminary orbit solution was at first thought to have a period of 7 years and a perihelion of ~1.1 AU. [MPEC 2006-H58, 28 April 2006, 2-day orbit].


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