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(385695) 2005 TO74

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Discovery date  8 October 2005
Observation arc  3661 days (10.02 yr)
Semi-major axis  30.059 AU (4.4968 Tm)
Discovered  8 October 2005
Argument of perihelion  307.37°
Discoverer  Scott S. Sheppard
Minor planet category  Trojan asteroid
Aphelion  31.677 AU (4.7388 Tm)
Eccentricity  0.053826
Inclination  5.2607°
Mean anomaly  278.95°
Asteroid group  Neptune trojan
Similar  Psamathe, S/2004 N 1, Sao, Laomedeia, Halimede

(385695) 2005 TO74 (also written 2005 TO74) is the fourth Neptune trojan discovered. It orbits near Neptune's L4 Lagrangian point about 60 degrees ahead of Neptune and thus has the about same orbital period as Neptune. The Neptune-resonance should keep it more than 19 AU from Neptune for 14,000 years. As of 2016, it is 25.5 AU from Neptune. 2005 TO74 is located close to the boundary separating stable orbits from unstable ones, and it may be influenced by a secular resonance. It was discovered by Scott S. Sheppard and Chadwick A. Trujillo on 8 October 2005 near apparent magnitude 23.


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