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(385185) 1993 RO

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Discovery date  14 September 1993
Minor planet category  Plutino (TNO)
Aphelion  46.776 AU (6.9976 Tm)
Alternative names  1993 RO
Observation arc  6997 days (19.16 yr)
Discovered by  David C. Jewitt Jane Luu

(385185) 1993 RO is a plutino. It was the first plutino discovered after Pluto itself, with 1993 RP and (15788) 1993 SB a day and two days later, respectively. The discovery was made in 1993 at the Mauna Kea Observatory with a 2.2-meter telescope. Very little is known about (385185) 1993 RO. Even the diameter estimate of ~90 km is based on the assumed albedo of 0.09.


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