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(38084) 1999 HB12

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Discovery date  18 April 1999
Minor planet category  TNO (2:5 resonance)
Aphelion  79.645 AU (11.9147 Tm)
Discovered  18 April 1999
Minor planet category  Trans-Neptunian object
MPC designation  (38084) 1999 HB12
Observation arc  4049 days (11.09 yr)
Orbital period  422 years
Orbits  Sun
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Discovered by  Marc W. Buie, Robert L. Millis
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory
Discoverers  Robert L. Millis, Marc William Buie

(38084) 1999 HB12, also written as (38084) 1999 HB12, is a trans-Neptunian object that resides in the Kuiper belt region of the Solar System. It was discovered on 18 April 1999 by Marc W. Buie and Robert L. Millis.

It is in a 2:5 orbital resonance with Neptune.


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