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(308242) 2005 GO21

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Discovery date  1 April 2005
Minor planet category  Aten NEO,PHA
Discovered  1 April 2005
Discovery site  Siding Spring Observatory
Discoverer  Siding Spring Survey
MPC designation  (308242) 2005 GO21
Observation arc  3385 days (9.27 yr)
Absolute magnitude  16.5
Asteroid group  Aten asteroid
(308242) 2005 GO21

Discovered by  Siding Spring Survey (E12)0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt
Aphelion  1.0093 AU (150.99 Gm) (Q)
Similar  4581 Asclepius, 2012 DR30, 4179 Toutatis

(308242) 2005 GO21 is a large Aten near-Earth asteroid and potentially hazardous object. It has a well determined orbit with an observation arc of 7 years and an uncertainty parameter of 0. It was discovered on 1 April 2005 by the Siding Spring Survey at an apparent magnitude of 18.1 using the 0.5-metre (20 in) Uppsala Southern Schmidt Telescope.

Based on an absolute magnitude of 16.4, the asteroid has an estimated diameter of 1.6 km (within a factor of two). (308242) 2005 GO21 is the largest potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) discovered in 2005. On 21 June 2012 it passed Earth at a distance of 0.043963 AU (6,576,800 km; 4,086,600 mi). The 2012 passage was studied with radar using Goldstone and Arecibo.


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