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(277810) 2006 FV35

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Discovery date  29 March 2006
Observation arc  7667 days (20.99 yr)
Discovered  29 March 2006
Argument of perihelion  170.851°
Discoverer  Spacewatch
Minor planet category  Apollo
Eccentricity  0.37756
Inclination  7.10394°
Asteroid group  Apollo asteroid
Aphelion  1.3793443 AU (206.34697 Gm)
Semi-major axis  1.0012930 AU (149.79130 Gm)
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory, Steward Observatory
Similar  2014 OL339, Solar System, 2003 YN107, 2002 AA29, (419624) 2010 SO16

(277810) 2006 FV35 is a small near-Earth asteroid in the Apollo asteroid family. It is a quasi-satellite of Earth. It is also notable for having a low delta-v requirement for rendezvous. Although its orbital period is almost exactly 1 year, the orbit of (277810) 2006 FV35 has a high eccentricity which causes it to cross the paths of both Venus and Mars.

Transfer energy

With a semi-major axis of almost exactly 1 AU, (277810) 2006 FV35 has a relatively low transfer energy from Earth. The delta-v required to transfer to the asteroid varies between 11 and 13 km/s; this change in delta-v oscillates over an approximately 200-year period with the current transfer cost near its maximum of 13 km/s.


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