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(276033) 2002 AJ129

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Discovered by  NEAT at Haleakalā
MPC designation  2002 AJ129
Discovered  15 January 2002
Discovery date  15 January 2002
Observation arc  5194 days (14.22 yr)
Asteroid group  Apollo asteroid
Minor planet category  Apollo,Mercury crosser,Venus crosser,Earth crosser,Mars crosser
Aphelion  2.62550212 AU (392.769527 Gm) (Q)
Discoverer  Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking

(276033) 2002 AJ129, also written as 2002 AJ129, is a Mercury-crossing asteroid. It has the fourth-smallest perihelion of all numbered asteroids, after (137924) 2000 BD19, (374158) 2004 UL, and (386454) 2008 XM.

It is classified as an Apollo asteroid because it is a near-Earth asteroid with a semi-major axis larger than Earth's.


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