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(24978) 1998 HJ151

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Discovery date  28 April 1998
Minor planet category  TNO (cubewano)
Discovered  28 April 1998
Argument of perihelion  128.58135°
Discovery site  Mauna Kea Observatories
Alternative names  none
Observation arc  3301 days (9.04 yr)
Inclination  2.3891912°
Orbits  Sun
Discovered by  Jane X. Luu, Chadwick A. Trujillo, David J. Tholen, and David C. Jewitt
Aphelion  45.69279420 AU (6.835544719 Tm)
Discoverers  Jane Luu, David J. Tholen, Chad Trujillo, David C. Jewitt
Similar  S/2000 (1998 WW31) 1, (119951) 2002 KX14, (19308) 1996 TO66, 2008 ST291, 53311 Deucalion

(24978) 1998 HJ151, also written as (24978) 1998 HJ151, is a cubewano. It has a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) of 41.339 AU and an aphelion (farthest approach to the Sun) of 45.889 AU. It has a diameter of about 139 km. It was discovered on April 28, 1998, by Jane X. Luu, Chadwick A. Trujillo, David J. Tholen and David C. Jewitt.


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