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(225312) 1996 XB27

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Discovery date  12 December 1996
Minor planet category  Amor
Discovered  12 December 1996
Asteroid group  Amor asteroid
MPC designation  1996 XB27
Observation arc  6437 days (17.62 yr)
Absolute magnitude  21.7
Discoverer  Spacewatch
Discovered by  Spacewatch from Kitt Peak
Aphelion  1.25784774 AU (188.171344 Gm) (Q)
Discovery site  Kitt Peak National Observatory

(225312) 1996 XB27, also written as (225312) 1996 XB27, is an asteroid on a low-eccentricity and low-inclination orbit between the orbits of Earth and Mars. This is within a region of stability where bodies may survive for the age of the Solar System, and hence it may have formed near its current orbit.

It is classified as an Amor asteroid because its perihelion is less than 1.3 AU and does not cross Earth's orbit.

Between 1900 and 2200 its closest approach with Earth is more than 0.11 AU.


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