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(181902) 1999 RD215

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Discovery date
6 September 1999

Alternative names

MPC designation
(181902) 1999 RD215

Observation arc
2933 days (8.03 yr)

Discovered by
C. A. Trujillo, J. X. Luu, and D. C. Jewitt at Mauna Kea (568).

Minor planet category
Scattered disc object Transneptunian object

(181902) 1999 RD215 is a scattered disc object with a diameter of about 175 kilometers (110 miles.) It was discovered on September 6, 1999, by Chad Trujillo, Jane Luu, and David Jewitt. The orbit of the TNO regularly takes it from the center of the Kuiper belt to well beyond, into the Scattered disc.


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