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(15430) 1998 UR31

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Discovered by  SCAP
MPC designation  (15430) 1998 UR31
Observation arc  22044 days (60.35 yr)
Absolute magnitude  14.2
Discovery site  Xinglong Station
Discovery date  22 October 1998
Minor planet category  main-belt
Discovered  22 October 1998
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
Alternative names  1998 UR31; 1980 EK1 2000 AB153
Discoverer  Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program

(15430) 1998 UR31 is a main-belt binary asteroid. It was discovered through the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program at the Xinglong Station in the Chinese province of Hebei on October 22, 1998. A moon was discovered orbiting the asteroid in 2010. The moon has an orbital period of almost exactly a day, and is tidally locked with the asteroid.


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