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(144908) 2004 YH32

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Discovered by  Siding Spring Survey
MPC designation  (144908) 2004 YH32
Observation arc  758 days (2.08 yr)
Absolute magnitude  12.9
Discoverer  Siding Spring Survey
Discovery date  18 December 2004
Minor planet category  centaur
Discovered  18 December 2004
Asteroid group  Centaur
Aphelion  12.7743 AU (1.91101 Tm)
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(144908) 2004 YH32 is a centaur orbiting the Sun with a very high inclination of almost 80°. It was discovered in December 2004 by the Siding Spring Survey. It is on the Minor Planet Center's list of critical minor planets, a list of unusual minor planets.


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