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(131696) 2001 XT254

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Discovery date  9 December 2001
Minor planet category  SDO 3:7 resonance
MPC designation  (131696) 2001 XT254
Observation arc  4113 days (11.26 yr)
(131696) 2001 XT254

Discovered by  Sheppard, S. S., Kleyna, J., Jewitt, D. C.
Aphelion  70.889 AU (10.6048 Tm) (Q)

(131696) 2001 XT254, provisionally known as 2001 XT254, is a Kuiper belt object (KBO) that has a 3:7 resonance with Neptune.

It will come to perihelion in January 2016.

Assuming a generic TNO albedo of 0.09, it is about 146 km in diameter.


Simulations by Emel’yanenko and Kiseleva in 2007 show that (131696) 2001 XT254 is librating in a 3:7 resonance with Neptune. This libration can be stable for less than 100 million to billions of years.

It has been observed 22 times over 4 oppositions.


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