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(120132) 2003 FY128

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Discovered by  NEAT
MPC designation  (120132) 2003 FY128
Minor planet category  detached object
Discovery date  26 March 2003
Alternative names  none
Observation arc  8159 days (22.34 yr)

(120132) 2003 FY128, also written as (120132) 2003 FY128, is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO).


It is classified as a detached object by the Deep Ecliptic Survey (DES), since its orbit appears to be beyond the current control of Neptune. Though, if Neptune migrated outward, there would have been a period when Neptune had a higher eccentricity.

It was discovered on March 26, 2003 by the NEAT program at the Palomar Observatory, California.


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