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Country  Lesotho
Time zone  CAT (UTC+2)
Population  25,002 (2006)
District  Mafeteng District
Elevation  1,770 m

'Makholane is a community council located in the Mafeteng District of Lesotho. Its population in 2006 was 25,002.



The community of Makholane includes the villages of Ha 'Mpeli, Ha Chopho, Ha Isaka, Ha Joase, Ha Joase (Khohloaneng), Ha Joase (Thabeng), Ha Khalala, Ha Khalienyane, Ha Khalienyane (Mokhoabong), Ha Khati, Ha Koili, Ha Koili (Santeng), Ha Koloboi (Mokhoabong), Ha Koranta, Ha Kotoane, Ha Lebeta, Ha Leemisa, Ha Lempetje (Aupolasi), Ha Lempetje (Ha Malimo), Ha Lesia, Ha Lesole (Mokhoabong), Ha Libete, Ha Likupa, Ha Lumisi, Ha Lumisi (Metheoaneng), Ha Mafeto, Ha Mahali, Ha Maholi, Ha Maholi (Mahlabatheng), Ha Mahosi, Ha Makhathe, Ha Makopela, Ha Malilimetsa, Ha Manehella, Ha Matlatsoaneng, Ha Matšaba, Ha Matsepe, Ha Matsie, Ha Mohapi, Ha Mohlomi, Ha Mokhasi (Mokhoabong), Ha Mokhuthu, Ha Motlohi, Ha Motlohi (Leralleng), Ha Mpata, Ha Nthinya, Ha Ntlhakeng, Ha Ntsiane, Ha Oni, Ha Pelesa, Ha Phokojoe, Ha Qobete, Ha Raborane, Ha Ralerata, Ha Raliemere, Ha Ramaleshoane, Ha Ramarothele, Ha Ramatheko, Ha Ramohapi, Ha Ramokoatsi, Ha Ramontsoe, Ha Ramporoane, Ha Rankapu, Ha Ranthokho, Ha Sebusi, Ha Seetsi, Ha Sekoati, Ha Sempe, Ha Sephula, Ha Setenane, Ha Setenane (Mahloleng), Ha Setenane (Moreneng), Ha Setenane (Motimposo), Ha Tauhali, Ha Teba, Khatleng, Likupa, Liphiring (Ha Ramohapi), Litsahaneng, Litšilong, Maieaneng, Makeneng, Mapolateng, Matlapaneng, Matsooeng, Matsoseng (Ha Lesole), Motse-Mocha, Noka-Ntšo, Qotata, Semakaleng, Thabaneng, Thabaneng (Borokhong), Thabaneng (Maikhokhong), Thabaneng (Sekantšing), Thelingoaneng (Ha Sempe), Thotaneng, Thoteng, Tieleng, Tsaeng and Tsekong.

Health care

The Amitofo Care Centre in Mafeteng was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Lesao Lehohla. A total number of 500 orphaned children can be accommodated at the centre. The ‘Makholane Community Council provided land so that the centre would be constructed and is financially sponsored by Amitofo Charity Association.


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