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'Ikrimah Mawlâ Ibn 'Abbâs

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723 AD

Abû 'Abdi Llâh 'Ikrimah Ibn 'Abdi Llâh (Arabic: أبو عبد الله عكرمة إبن عبد الله‎‎) was a famous Sunni jurist, translator of the Quran and distributor of Hadiths. Who became a Kharijite.


Born to the Berber people, he was a slave of Abd Allah ibn Abbas, a companion to the Prophet Muhammad, and became one of his most talented disciples.

'Ikrimah brought back Hadiths from Abd Allah ibn Abbas, Abdullah ibn Umar, Abu Hurairah, Abu Sa‘id al-Khudri, Hasan ibn Ali and Aisha. He was one of the main Tabi‘un and was a law expert of Mecca. He was constantly going from one town to another so Abd Allah ibn Abbas told him to stay in Mecca to deliver Fatwas and to teach Islam.

He died around the year of 723 (105 AH)


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