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'Amran Governorate

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Country  Yemen
Occupation  Houthis (Ansar Allah)
Population  1.061 million (2011)
Seat  'Amran
Area  9,587 km²
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'Amran (Arabic: عمران‎‎ 'Amrān) is one of the governorates of Yemen, which is divided into the following districts:

Map of ''Amran Governorate, Yemen'

  • Al Ashah District
  • Al Madan District
  • Al Qaflah District
  • Amran District
  • As Sawd District
  • As Sudah District
  • Bani Suraim District
  • Dhi Bin District
  • Habur Zulaymah District
  • Harf Sufyan District
  • Huth District
  • Iyal Surayh District
  • Jabal Iyal Yazid District
  • Khamir District
  • Kharif District
  • Maswar District
  • Raydah District
  • Shaharah District
  • Suwayr District
  • Thula District
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