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"How's my driving" sign

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"How's my driving" sign "How's my driving" sign

A "how's my driving" sign (or "how is my driving" or similar) is a decal posted or painted on a back of a fleet vehicle or other vehicle operated by an employee driver. The decal usually has a phone number or website address and other identifying information so that the public can call and report on the behavior of the vehicle's driver. Depending on the company, the phone number or website is monitored by the vehicle's owner or by a third-party company.


Similar programs have also been implemented for vehicles driven by teenagers in hopes of improving the safety of teenage drivers and with drunk drivers. Use of "How’s My Driving" regimes for systems other than traffic have been discussed, also in relation to eBay and Wikipedia.

The purpose of the decal is to increase traffic safety, as those who know they are driving a vehicle with a decal would want to drive more safely in order to not draw complaints.

Frequency of complaints

About 10% of vehicles bearing this decal become the target of complaints.

The most common complaints fielded are tailgating, improper lane changes, speeding, and running red lights, though it has been found that many bored motorists who have cell phones will call in petty complaints. A small percentage of calls are to compliment drivers.


Studies have found that vehicles displaying the decal are involved in 22% fewer accidents and result in a 52% reduction in accident-related costs.

Some insurance companies offer discounts to fleets that display the decal.

Other countries are starting to experiment with similar programs, for example Germany.

Effects of complaints

When a complaint is made, the receptionist who fields the complaint will generally ask for basic information regarding the vehicle and incident, such as the vehicle's description (e.g. a white van), the location of the incident, and the weather of the day.

Truck companies use the reports to spot problem drivers.

Complaints received by motorists may or may not affect the employment status of the operator of the vehicle. In the worst cases, complaints may result in a reprimand against the operator and possibly termination.


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