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Top 5 moments of FIFA World Cup 2014

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                                 Top 5 moments of FIFA World Cup 2014 Top 5 moments of FIFA World Cup 2014
-jul 13 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014: Top 5 moments of the World Cup

With the World Cup drawing to a close, fans will be looking for ways to remember one of the best tournaments in history. I have come come up with an unbiased souvenir for all the football fans around the world by presenting you all the top 5 moments from the past one month of footballing extravaganza.

#1 Van Persies flying header against spain

FIFA World Cup 2014: Top 5 moments of the World Cup - Van Persies flying header against spain

Almost every time an attacker dives, it is to authenticate his penalty claim, but the Manchester United man had another reason, which made him an overnight hero.

The Dutch superstar perfectly headed home the cross from the left wing back, Daley Blind as Casillas stood motionless, watching the ball gracefully sail into the net. It was the beginning of a dream start for his team in the World Cup campaign after falling behind against Spain early on.

They went on to dismantle the defending champions by a margin of four goals. This humiliating 5-1 defeat was the beginning of the end of a golden era as La Roja went on to lose against Chile, marking their World Cup exit in the group stages itself.

This stunning goal has reserved him a place in the pages of history. No wonder he is the flying Dutchman.

#2 Mario gets it!

FIFA World Cup 2014: Top 5 moments of the World Cup - Mario gets it!

The 22 year old Bavarian striker is the new hero of Deutscheland as his goal claimed his country the first ever World Cup trophy on South American soil. The super sub scored a stunning goal at the 113th minute of the final, resonating the number 13 curse with misery for the Argentines. The young lad fired just when it mattered the most, in a game which witnessed a goalless stalemate for 112 minutes. 

#3 7-1: a scoreline that will remain in the shades of history forever

No words in any language are enough to express how ignominious Brazils performance was in their semi-final clash against Germany. Brazils ineptitude shone to its best as they stood defenceless against the ruthless German onslaught. By far 7-1 is the most one sided scoreline in the semi-final stage of the whole world cup history. Even when taking into account, the absence of their prominent players, Neymar and Silva, the final scoreline is one to scorn the proud footballing history of this nation in decades to come. 

#4 36 year old Klose breaks a record which stood for 12 years.

36 year old Klose breaks a record which stood for 12 years.

Klose surpassed Ronaldos World Cup scoring tally of 15 by scoring 1 goal more than him in this event. However, this stunning feat was overshadowed by the 7-1 thumping victory. His fellow team mate Thomas Muller, who already has 10 world cup goals with at least 2 World Cups left in him, is now the favourite to break this record. Earlier Ronaldo was quoted saying he would cheer against Klose, but his attitude boomeranged for his home country. 

#5 Suarezs bite off

Suarezs bite off

The Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was the centre of controversy at this year’s World Cup as well after he bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during their final group stage match which was unarguably the most disgraceful moment of the elegant tournament.

Suarez had to bite the bullet for his shameful act as FIFA handed him a four month ban from all forms of football and a ban for nine international matches. His bite is poised to give him a taste of hell from the footballing fraternity.

In this category Colombia defender Juan Zuniga also deserves an honorary mention for kneeing the Brazilian wonder kid, Neymar.

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