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Tax Sem 2 MMS

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A tax (from the Latintaxo;"rate") is a financial charge orother levy imposed upon a taxpayer(an individual or legalentity) by a stateorthe functional equivalent of astate such that failure to pay ispunishable by law. Taxes are alsoimposed by many administrativedivisions. Taxesconsist ofdirectorindirecttaxes and may be paidinmoney or as its labourequivalent.

What Country Has The Best Tax System?

According toBlacks LawDictionary, a tax is a"pecuniary burden laid uponindividuals or property owners tosupport the government [...] apayment exacted by legislativeauthority." It "is not a voluntarypayment or donation, but anenforced contribution, exactedpursuant to legislative authority"and is "any contribution imposedby government [...] whether underthe name of toll, tribute,tallage, gabel, impost, duty,custom, excise, subsidy, aid,supply, or other name.

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