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How Kids React to 30 years Old Apple Computer

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A hilarious video shows what happens when you give tech-savvy kids a computer from the late 1970s.

Despite having a good grasp of mobile phones, iPads and laptops, the budding boffins are baffled by the clunky machine as most struggle to even turn it on.

The video was posted on YouTube by TheFineBros getting over one million views in just a day.

Reactions range from "What is that?!" and "why does it have to make so much noise" to "Its very tedious" and "it does nothing!"

Several lose their temper with the machine as they are asked to start it up.

The kids begin typing names and commands into the computer, clearly struggling to make it do anything of use.

They are then handed a floppy disk, which contains a video game dating back over 20 years, most didnt seem too impressed.

Although after getting over her frustration, one of the youngsters did say it was better than playing Flappy Bird.

At the end of the clip all children are then asked if they would like one in their bedroom.

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