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Cricket records that may never be broken

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                           Cricket records that may never be broken Cricket records that may never be broken
-Mar 26 2014

7cricket records that may never be broken

Cricket was one of thestick and ball games that originated in England in the 1800s. The stick laterchanged into a bat. The Marleybourne Cricket Club was formed in the late1800s and it became the guardian of the cricket laws. Wide balls, LegBefore wicket, protective clothing and Overarm bowling came into existence inthe advent of the 20th century.

It first spread in thecolonies of the British. Later it spread to other countries as well. It soonbecame one of the most popular games in the world. The first Test match wasstaged in 1877 between the Australians and the English. If 1970 is famous forthe banning of South Africa from cricket, then 1971 is a landmark year as thefirst One Day Match was played between England and Australia.

The game was totallychanged in 1977. Not by a cricketer but a TV moghul. Kerry Packer changed thegame forever. Coloured clothing, flood lights, white ball, flood lights andwhat more.India is a religion in India. From Hazare to Harbhajan, Gavaskar toGambhir and many in between we’ve seen many cricketing records being broken,being shattered.

But some are just meantto be there. We’ll have a look at 7 records which will most likely not bebroken ever.

#7 Ricky Ponting’s108 Test wins as a player

Ricky Pontings 108 wins in Tests as a player is a colossal victory statistics. Ponting was part of a successful Australian team earlier in his career and then led one of the most lethal bowling attacks in the history of the game. In this era, where captaining a team is such a big responsibility, Pontings achievement is no means easy.

Although he had a very good team with him, Ponting had to make it work as a unit and his batting was a very important part of that team. His famous hook shot did a lot of damage. His team was one of the most dominant in Test history with bowlers like Brett Lee, Jason Gillespie, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath and batsmen like Matthew Hayden, Justin Langer, Damien Martyn, Michael Clarke, Adam Gilchrist and Ponting himself.

His aggressive captaincy made sure that winning was a habit and this record will certainly be difficult to surpass.

#6Sir Jack Hobbss legendary 199 centuries

Its not every day that someone scores a century, or score a century in both the innings of the match. But its certainly not easy to score 199 centuries! Someone has actually scored this many. And no, its not Sachin Tendulkar. Its the legendary English cricketer Sir John Berry "Jack" Hobbs.

He has also scored 18 Test centuries for England. His most notable Test innings was his 211. Another thing that hes famous for is his opening partnership with Herbert Sutcliffe. By the time of his retirement, they had opened the batting 38 times in Tests, shared 15 century opening partnerships, and added 3,249 runs together their average partnership was 87.81, which is the highest in all Tests for a pair of opening batsmen.

#5Wilfred Rhodes’ retirement at the age of 52

In this age, where fielding matters and people who are generally above the age of 40 arent picked (there are exceptions I.e. Brad Hogg and Brad Hodge), playing at 52 seems far too imaginative. 

Well, at one point of time, 52 was an age where someone played, yes, Test cricket. Wilfred Rhodes is still the oldest player to have played Test cricket. He played his last Test at the ripe age of 52. If you find Sachins career long, well, Rhodes had a longer career.

His career lasted for 30 years! This will be very difficult to surpass as a lot of importance is given to fitness levels and itll be very tough for one to maintain his fitness at 52 and this is definitely one record that wont be broken in the coming years.

#4Graham Gooch’s 456 runs in one Test

The year was 1990. India were playing at the home of cricket after 4 years. It was a sunny day and India had won the toss. The thought of the possibility of batting in friendly conditions on a hot, shiny day and a fast outfield made the Indian batsmen very happy.

Well, not everybody had the same thought. Indias captain bizarrely chose to bowl and his opposite number came out to bat.

Two days later, Gooch was still batting. He scored 333, which is the highest score at Lords. He followed it up with another century (133). This took his tally to 456 for the match. This hasnt been broken since and the person who has come closest is Kumar Sangakkara who scored 319 and followed it up with a century (105). This took his total to 424.

This is another record that may not be accomplished very quickly.

#3Sachin Tendulkars 100 international centuries

The third on this list is Sachin Tendulkar. Many people might argue that he should be higher on this list, but I think that the top two records are more difficult to break in the current situation as batsmen literally dominate bowlers and maybe someone someday might break Tendulkars record of 100 centuries.

It is by no means an easy one. To play for such a long time and score so many centuries is something that someone can only dream of. But Sachin made it a reality. He mercilessly demolished oppositions for a prolonged period of time which is certainly phenomenal.

It will certainly take some effort from a very special player to break this record.

#2Jim Lakers match figures of 19/90

The year was 1956. England had finally gotten the edge over arch-rivals Australia. On one fine morning, the Australians faced the disgrace of being the first side to be bowled out by a single bowler.

Jim Laker bamboozled the batsmen with his off-spin. The Aussies are traditionally weak against spin. Off-spin was particularly not their forte as the ball came into them took away their favourite shot - the cut.

Jim Laker made sure that no stone was left unturned as he dazzled passed the batsmen by taking all 10 wickets in the first innings. He didnt stop there. He continued his magic in the second innings by taking another 9 wickets only for his partner, Tony Lock to take the remaining scalp. 

19 wickets in a Test is a near impossible task in this era. Itll take a Herculean effort to go past this feat as such a domination by a single bowler will require some really below par effort from the rest of his bowling partners.

#1Sir Don Bradman’s average of 99.94

Top of the tree is Sir Donald Bradman. Who doesnt know this name? Well, he is and will always be known for his amazing average which stands at 99.94 from 52 Tests.

Thats a staggering average that no one has even come close to. A solitary boundary would have taken his average to a century. But Eric Hollies had other plans that fateful day. A perfectly bowled delivery left the great Don rooted to his spot as he was bowled for a duck in his last innings.

Although he played most of his matches against England, you cant blame the guy. He was terrific. Averaging almost a hundred runs per innings is remarkable. His team was one of the greatest ever and he led from the front. This record is for people who have played atleast 5 Tests as there have been instances of one Test wonders who have scored a century and then disappeared into wilderness.

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