Muhammad Adi (Editor)

Apple and China

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We all know the story – Americans invent it, Chinese copy it. But that may not the case with Apple’s smart watch. China has been doing this for years. I will tell you, with 99 percent certainty how the Apple smart watch was born –

China has what are called OEM manufacturers. These are manufacturers which take orders for products they make in bulk, and they slap anyone’s name on them, and change the case style according to order. It is virtually assured that the folks at Apple combed the Chinese markets for smart watches made by OEM’s and when they found one that fit the bill, they put Apple’s name on it. Far fetched? Probably not, some of the Chinese smart watches sport dual core Ghz cpu’s, Android 4.4, great cameras, Curved screens heart monitors, position sensors, everything the Iwatch has and more.

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