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The Woman Chaser

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Director  Robinson Devor
Music director  Daniele Luppi
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Screenplay  Robinson Devor
Language  English
The Woman Chaser movie poster
Release date  October 8, 1999
Writer  Charles Willeford (novel), Robinson Devor
Cast  Patrick Warburton (Richard Hudson), Eugene Roche (Used Car Dealer), Ron Morgan (Bill), Emily Newman (Laura), Paul Malevich (Leo), Lynette Bennett (Mother)
Similar movies  A Serious Man, Miami Blues, Cockfighter, American Crude, Motorama, The Mad

A 1950s used-car salesman (Patrick Warburton) wants to make a low-budget film about a trucker who accidentally runs down a child.

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The Woman Chaser is a 1999 film by director Robinson Devor, starring Patrick Warburton. The screenplay is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford.

A 1950s used-car salesman (Patrick Warburton) wants to make a low-budget film about a trucker who accidentally runs down a child.


Set in 1950s Los Angeles, Richard Hudson (Warburton) is a shrewd car dealer who moves from San Francisco and sets up a used-car dealership. Tiring of this job, he turns the lot over to an assistant Bill (Ron Morgan) and starts writing his first movie, The Man Who Got Away. It turns out to be an uncommercial picture chronicling the story of a truck driver who goes berserk, runs over a little girl and dies fending off a platoon of police officers.

In making his film, Richard enlists the help of his father-in-law, Leo (Paul Malevich), a washed-up former film director whose notable possession is a Rouault painting of a clown. Through Leo, Richard pitches his idea to the Man (Ernie Vincent), the chief executive of Mammoth Pictures who green-lights the project. Conflict inevitably arises when Richards obsession for making the movie his way clashes with the Man. Other kooky characters include Richards mother (Lynette Bennett), a former ballerina who lures her hirsute lug of a son into a comically eccentric pas de deux ; Richards sexually curious stepsister, Becky (Marilyn Rising), who seduces him, and his secretary, Laura (Emily Newman), whom he impregnates with a boorish indifference.

The Woman Chaser premiered at the 1999 New York Film Festival and went on to play at top film festivals including Sundance, South By South West, Florida, Seattle, Stockholm and Athens winning several special jury and audience awards. The film had theatrical distribution in major U.S. cities and played on Sundance Channel and Showtime, becoming a cult movie.


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