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The Wives He Forgot

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Director  Mario Philip Azzopardi
Music director  Eric Cadesky
Writer  J.J. Jamieson
Language  English
5/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Running time  1h 30m
Screenplay  J.J. Jamieson
Country  Canada
The Wives He Forgot movie poster
Release date  10 September 2006
Initial release  September 10, 2006 (Canada)
Cast  Molly Ringwald (Charlotte Saint John), Mark Humphrey (Gabriel / Jay Miller), Shannon Sturges (Gillian Mathers), Maxim Roy (Alicia Miller), Ellen Dubin
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Jay, a man with amnesia, stumbles into Charlottes law offices looking for help and the two fall in love. When two wives show up to bring him home, Jay goes on trial for bigamy, and Charlotte has to defend him.

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The Wives He Forgot is a 2006 film starring Molly Ringwald as Charlotte Saint John, a small town attorney, who comes to the aid of Gabriel (Mark Humphrey), a handsome stranger whos suffering from amnesia. Charlotte cant help but fall in love with this seemingly perfect man. Their romance soon hits a snag when two women come into Charlottes office claiming that they are married to Gabriel/Jay. When Jay is charged with bigamy, Charlotte decides to defend him in court.

The screenplay was written by J.J. Jamieson, and the film was directed by Mario Azzopardi.

Into the small law offices of unlucky-in-love Charlotte St. John stumbles a handsome stranger, bloodied and battered, suffering amnesia. The good Samaritan, she cares for him, nurses him to health ... and falls hard for this mysterious angel. He reciprocates and good love finally finds Charlotte. But not for long, for their brief love affair hits the rocks when his identity is uncovered. Together they learn to their heartbreaking disappointment that he's already married ... twice. That's right, he's an amnesiac who forgot his was a bigamist. Though initially crushed that her perfect hero is just another perfect schmuck, Charlotte soon agrees to defend him against the bigamy charges, arguing that his injury has wiped out his former personality. In mounting her defense, she investigates his past ... and discovers that his vengeful wives may have uncovered his dirty bigamist secret months before and secretly plotted his violent downfall!


  • Molly Ringwald as Charlotte Saint John
  • Mark Humphrey as Gabriel/Jay Miller
  • Shannon Sturges as Gillian Mathers
  • Maxim Roy as Alicia Miller
  • Ellen Dubin as Gwen
  • Lara Azzopardi as Mina Truman
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