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Summers (name)

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Summers is a surname, and may refer to the following people:


In academia

  • David Summers (art historian), American art historian
  • Harry G. Summers, Jr. (1932–1999), American army Colonel and author about the Vietnam War
  • Lawrence Summers (born 1954), economist and former president of Harvard University
  • Robert Summers (born 1922), American economist
  • Robert S. Summers (born 1933), American academic
  • Music

  • Andy Summers (born 1942), English guitarist
  • Bill Summers (musician) (born 1948), American jazz percussionist
  • David Summers Rodríguez, Spanish musician and frontman of Hombres G
  • Gene Summers (born 1939), American recording artist
  • Isabella Summers (born 1980), British musician
  • John "Dick" Summers (1887–1976), fiddler from Indiana
  • Steve Summers, lead singer of the band Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Other arts

  • Dylan Summers (born 1973), American professional wrestler better known as Necro Butcher
  • Henry Summers (actor), pseudonym used by Ed Wynn
  • Hope Summers (1896–1979), American actress
  • Jeremy Summers (born 1931), British film director
  • Marc Summers (born 1951), American television personality
  • Montague Summers (1880–1948), English author and clergyman
  • Robert Summers (artist) (born 1940), American painter and sculptor
  • In government and politics

  • David Summers (diplomat), Canadian High Commissioner to Malaysia
  • George W. Summers (1804–1868), American politician
  • Henry Summers (civil servant)
  • John W. Summers (1870–1937), American politician
  • John Summers (Tennessee politician) from Metropolitan Council
  • In sport

  • Bill Summers (umpire) (1895–1966), American umpire
  • Champ Summers (born 1946), American baseball player
  • Ed Summers (1884–1953), American baseball player
  • Freddie Summers (born 1947), American football player
  • John Summers (figure skater) (born 1957), American ice dancer
  • John Summers (footballer) (1915–1991), English footballer
  • John Summers (sport shooter), Australian Olympic sport shooter
  • John Summers (curler) in the 2011 World Senior Curling Championships – Men's tournament
  • Johnny Summers (footballer) (1927–1962), footballer for Charlton Athletic
  • Johnny Summers (boxer) (1882–1946), English boxer
  • Richard Summers (1860–1941), Wales rugby union international
  • Sheila Piercey (born 1919), South African tennis player
  • In other fields

  • Bill Summers (car builder) (1935–2011), American car builder and longtime speed record holder
  • Bill Summers (jeweller), predecessor of David V. Thomas as British crown jeweller
  • John Summers & Sons, UK steel and iron producers
  • John Summers (RAF officer) (1894–?), World War I flying ace
  • Joseph Summers (1904–1954), British test pilot
  • Montague Summers (1880–1948), English author and clergyman
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Buffy Summers, central character of the film and television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Dawn Summers, Buffy's sister
  • Hank Summers, father of Buffy and Dawn Summers
  • Joyce Summers, mother of Buffy and Dawn Summers
  • Marvel Comics

  • Alex Summers, Havok of the X-Men
  • Christopher Summers, Corsair, father of Scott, Alex and Gabriel Summers, former leader of the Starjammers
  • Gabriel Summers, Vulcan, X-Man turned supervillain
  • Hope Summers (comics), first mutant born after M-Day
  • Jean Grey-Summers, Phoenix of the X-Men
  • Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, Cable of the X-Men
  • Rachel Summers, Marvel Girl of the X-Men and Excalibur
  • Ruby Summers, daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost
  • Scott Summers, Cyclops, leader of the X-Men
  • References

    Summers (name) Wikipedia

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