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Scoop (nickname)

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The nickname Scoop or Scoops may refer to:

  • Scoops Carry (1915–1970), American jazz alto saxophonist and clarinetist
  • Scoops Carey (baseball) (1870–1916), Major League Baseball first baseman
  • Dick Gordon (sports writer) (1911–2008), American sports journalist
  • Henry M. Jackson (1912–1983), American senator
  • Scoop Jackson (writer) (born 1963), American sports journalist and cultural critic
  • Antonio Jardine (born 1988), American basketball player
  • Scoop Lewry (1919–1992), Canadian politician and reporter
  • Wes Nisker (born 1942), author, radio commentator, comedian and Buddhist meditation instructor
  • Art Scharein (1905–1969), American Major League Baseball third baseman
  • Scoop Stanisic (born 1963), Serbian former American soccer goalkeeper and coach
  • Jim Veltman (born 1966), Canadian retired lacrosse player
  • Frank "Scoop" Vessels (1952–2010), American off-road truck racer
  • Brian Windhorst (born 1978), American sportswriter
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