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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

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Genre  Drama Romance
Created by  Director Kut's Productions
Written by  Zama Habib Garima Goyal Virendra Shahaney Aparna Shahaney Anjali Bahura Misra Bahnishikha Das Reshma Khan Sonali Jaffar M P Anamika
Directed by  Rajan Shahi Romesh Kalra Sunand Kumar Neeraj Baliyan Sharad Pandey Mayank Gupta
Creative director(s)  Shefali Lal Madhura Rapsang Richa Singh Gautam Garima Dimri Meet Kohli RItu Goel
Starring  Sara Khan Parul Chauhan

Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai is an Indian soap drama that aired from 9 October 2007 to 13 November 2010 on STAR Plus channel, Monday to Friday. It tells the story of a father and his two daughters and explores the social impacts of skin colour. The show got replaced by Gulaal.


Plot summary

This story is about Ragini and Sadhana who are cousin sisters. The first few episodes portray the demise of Sadhana's mother due to her illness, and Sadhana's father being incapable of saving her due to him having an insufficient amount of money. Sadhana's father vows to travel to America to accumulate more money and endows the young Sadhana to her maternal uncle Prakah Chandra. The show then takes a 17-year leap with Sadhana living in Agra and her father in California. Sadhana's father's only dream is to see her in the form of a bride. On the contrary, Sadhana longs to see her father. Living in the Sharma household, she manages to win over both Ragini's and Prakash Chandra's heart however Ragini's mother, Kaushalya is hesitant to due the difference of skin complexion between the two. One day, the news comes that Sadhana's father is returning from California and will take Sadhana back to Udaipur. Everyone rejoices. However, a turn of fate destoys all hope. Unfortunately, due to the violent weather, Sadhana's father's plane crashes and he dies. Sadhana is heartbroken to hear the news. The next day, Sadhana is visited by someone from the airline her father was taking home. The man states that he must compensate for the demise by giving 10 lakh to Sadhana as per law. A few days later, when the Sharma family holds a mourning ceremony for Sadhana's father, Sadhana's paternal family arrives. Although her paternal family seem noble, they wish to steal the money from Sadhana and leave her. Prakah Chandra's daughter-in-law, Malti also wishes to do the same and suspects that the paternal family have the same intentions. Sadhana's paternal family scheme and manage to take Sadhana away whilst Prakash Chandra submerges Sadhana's father's ashes. Due to him missing his bus, he is incapable of stopping them. When Prakash Chandra arrives home, Sadhana has already left however he goes after her after he hears from Malti that they have malicious intentions. Meanwhile, the paternal family make Sadhana sign a document that dictates their right over Sadhana's money. Luckily, Prakash Chandra arrives and stops them from taking Sadhana whilst ripping the paper. Sadhana is happy to return home. A new chapter then unfolds, Saket, a boy who studied in Sadhana and Ragini's college, falls in love with Sadhana whilst Ragini falls in love with him. Saket tells his mother about his feelings for Sadhana and states she is Prakash Chandra's daughter in haste. They decide to take a proposal home however the Sharma family mistakes it as a relationship for Ragini. When they arrive, Saket's family clears this misconception leaving everyone shocked. Kaushalya threatens the family and warns them to never return to their threshold.

Sadhana works at Rajvansh house as a tutor.Ranvir is one of the sons of the house who went to America to study abroad and eventually comes back.He has a brother Alekh who is mentally unstable.Alekh's mother, Vasundhara thinks that marriage can help Alekh to get better. She asks Sadhna to get married to Alekh.Later,Ragini and Ranvir get married after falling in love with each other. Vasundhara is again not happy because Ragini has a dark skin tone. Sadhna starts growing close to Alekh,despite him being unstable. Alekh turns normal after a long period of time with Sadhna. Sadhna and Alekh get separated due to a misunderstanding and Vasundhara throws Sadhna out. Later, Sadhna and Alekh get back together.Vasundhara accepts both Sadhna and Ragini.Sadhna and Ragini deliver their baby daughters. But Sadhana dies in a bomb blast and Alekh and the family are devastated.

The show takes a seven-year leap where Ragini is shown bringing up her daughter Tamanna along with Khushi who is Sadhana's daughter. Ragini and the family commemorate Sadhana's 7th death anniversary. It is revealed that Ranvir died too in a rock avalanche.After Sadhna's and Ranvir's death, Alekh lost his mental balance once again.The show ends with a 2-hour special episode in which Ragini remarries to Ranvir's friend, Anmol and Alekh marries Sakshi .Guests come to congratulate them and dance. Both couples take deceased Sadhna and Ranvir's blessings and perform the Bidaai ritual.


  • Sara Khan as Sadhana Alekh Rajvansh (Female Protagonist) (Dead) (2007-2010) Seslendirme: Ayşegül Bingöl
  • Parul Chauhan as Ragini Ranvir Rajvansh/ Ragini Anmol Rajvansh (Female Protagonist) (2007-2010) Seslendirme: Banu Altay
  • Angad Hasija as Alekh Inderjit Rajvansh (Sadhna's Husband) (2008-2010) Seslendirme: Fatih Özkul
  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Ranvir Inderjit Rajvansh (Ragini's First husband (Dead) (2008-2010)
  • Sulagna Panigrahi as Sakshi Alekh Rajvansh (Alekh's Second Wife) (2010)
  • Apurva Agnihotri as Anmol Rajvansh (Ragini's Second Husband) (2010)
  • Divya Naaz as Khushi Alekh Rajvansh (Sadhna and Alekh daughter) (2010) Seslendirme: Ayşegül Bingöl
  • Nirali Desai as Tamanna Ranvir Rajvansh (Ragini and Ranvir daughter) (2010) Seslendirme: Ezel Kalkan
  • Alok Nath as Prakash Chandra Sharma (2007-2010)
  • Manish Raisinghan as Saket (2007)
  • Vibha Chibber as Kaushalya Prakash Chandra Sharma (2007-2010) Seslendirme: Bedia Ener
  • Ashita Dhawan as Malti Vineet Sharma (2007-2010) Seslendirme: Burcu Güneştutar
  • Naveen Saini as Vineet Sharma (2007-2010)
  • Siddhartha as Kavya Vineet Sharma (2010)
  • Amardeep Jha as Sumitra Naani (2007-2010)
  • Mahesh Thakur as Kishanchand Awasthy (2007)
  • Shilpa Sakhlani as Savitri Kishanchand Awasthy (2007)
  • Seema Kapoor as Vasundhara Inderjit Rajvansh (2008-2010) Seslendirme: Birtanem Candaner
  • Avinash Wadhawan as Inderjit Rajvansh (2008-2010) Seslendirme: Bora Seçkin
  • Natasha Rana as Ambika Satyen Rajvansh (2008-2009)
  • Aliraza Namdar as Satyen Rajvansh (2008-2009)
  • Vimarsh Roshan as Naveen Satyen Rajvansh (2008-2010)
  • Preeti Puri as Avni Naveen Rajvansh (2008-2010)
  • Rahul Lohani as Karan Inderjit Rajvansh (2010)
  • Shafaq Naaz as Guni Rajvansh (2008-2010)
  • Shabana Mullani as Dolly Rajvansh (2008-2010)
  • Prerna Wanvari as Shivani (2010)
  • Puneet Tejwani as Dr. Shlok (2009)
  • Aruna Singhal as Shakuntala (2009)
  • Madhura Naik as Sonia Singh/ Sonia Chopra (2008)
  • Eva Grover as Sheetal (2008)
  • Amar Upadhyay as Advocate Dhananjay Singhania (2009)
  • Utkarsha Naik as Sulakshana (2007)
  • Kamalika Guha Thakurta as Vidyashree Shasthry (2010)
  • Shambhavi Sharma as Gujri (2007-2010)
  • Shilpa Sakhlani as Savitri Kishanchand Awasthy (2007)
  • Rajshri Thakur as Nishtha Vasudev (2009)
  • Pragati Mehra as Sadhna's chachi (2007)
  • Rajendra Chawla as Kamlesh: Sadhna's chacha (2007)
  • Sadiya Siddiqui as Ragini's dance teacher (2007)
  • Smriti Sinha as Maillika Mehra (2010)
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Mr. Mehra (2010)
  • Puneet Sachdev as Tarun (2010)
  • Guests


    In 2009, they had a crossover episode with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


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