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List of palaces in Egypt

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Egypt contains a large number of palaces, dating from the time of the Pharaohs, through the Romans, Fatimids, Memluks, and the modern Egyptian kingdom.



  • 16th century BC Unknown king palace, Naqada
  • 14th century BC Palace of Amenhotep III in Malkata (or Malqata) in Luxor.
  • 1346 BC Amarna palaces of Pharaoh Akhenaten, in al-Minya
  • 14th century BC Amenhotep III palace at Avaris (Pi-Ramesses), in Eastern desert.
  • 13th century BC Palace of the Pharaoh Merenptah in Memphis, Egypt.
  • 13th century BC Palace of Rameses II, Ramesseum, Luxor
  • 13th century BC Palace of Rameses II, Fayoum
  • 1175 BC The Temple & Palace of Rameses III at Medinet Habu, Egypt
  • 6th century BC Palace of Wahibre (Apries) in Memphis, Egypt.
  • Ptolemaic

  • Circa 2nd century BC The Ptolemaic palace in what is now Silsila district in Alexandria
  • 50s BC Caesareum palace which was built by Cleopatra in honor of Julius Caesar or Mark Antony in Alexandria
  • 50s BC Antirrhodus island palace, was erected off of Alexandria's mainland in the Eastern Harbour.(later on was submerged by sea)
  • Roman

  • 100 AD Roman palace at El Haiz area in the Bahariya Oasis, western desert.
  • Arabic

  • 870 AD Ahmad ibn Tulun Palace at al-Qatta'i in Old Cairo.
  • 12th century AD Fatimid palaces (Eastern & Western) at Khan el-Khalili area at Old Cairo.
  • 12th century Ayyubid dynasty palace.
  • 13th century Sultan al-Salih palace in Rhoda Island in Nile in Cairo.
  • 13th century The Ablaq Palace of Al-Nasir Mohamed Ibn Qalawun, in Old Cairo.
  • 1293 Amir Khayrbak Palace or Amir Alin Aq Palace at Bab al-Wazir Street, Tabbana Quarter, Old Cairo.
  • 14th century Palace of Manjak al Yusufi al Silahdar, Cairo Egypt.
  • 1330 Amir Qawsun Palace (Qawsoun Yashbak min Mahdi) in Cairo, Egypt
  • 1334 Beshtak Palace
  • 1352 Amir Taz Palace in Cairo Egypt
  • 1366 Palace of Emir Tashtimur (Hummus Akhdar) in Cairo, Egypt
  • 15th century The Ghouri Palace
  • 1496 Amir Mamay Palace (Bait al-Qady)
  • 16th century Bayt Al-Razzaz palace or Palace of al-Ashraf Qaytbay. Darb Al-Ahmer.
  • 1634 House of Gamal al-Din al-Dhahabi, Al-Ghoureya
  • 18th century Kasr Alaini (later became Cairo University hospital)
  • 1731 Harawi Residence
  • 1779 Al Musafir Khana Palace (Kasr El Chok), at al-Jamaliyya, Old Cairo. Birthplace of Khedive Ismail. It was destroyed by fire in 1998
  • 1790s Mohammed Bey al-Alfi Palace (where Napoleon lived during his Egyptian campaign).
  • 1794 Al-Sinnari House (Palace). Now a museum.
  • Modern Egypt

  • 19th century Bulaq palace of Ismail Pasha in Giza
  • 19th century Mena House built by Khedive Ismail, at Giza near pyramids.
  • 19th century Kasr al-Nozha, the Cattaui (Egyptian Jewish industrialist) palace in Shubra
  • 19th century Kasr al-Incha (now the ministry of defense).
  • 19th century Kasr Kamal al-Din (former residence of the ministry of foreign affairs)
  • 19th century Zaafarana palace (now the Ain Shams University administration building)
  • 19th century Medhat Yegen Pasha's palace, Garden city, Cairo.(Demolished now)
  • 19th century Mahmoud Sami el-Baroudi palace in Giza now Demolished
  • 19th century Kasr al-Aali
  • 19th century Kasr al-Mounira that became the French archeological center (IFAO).
  • 19th century Kasr al-Amira Iffet Hassan that was later purchased by Princess Shuvekar Ibrahim before becoming the official seat of the council of ministers.
  • 19th century El-Walda Pasha palace (now demolished).
  • 1807 Muhammad Ali's Shubra Palace (Ain Shams faculty of agriculture)
  • 1827 Harem Palaces at the Citadel of Cairo.(now the Military museum)
  • 1850s Kasr al-Ismailia. Now abolished it was in the area of the Mogama El-Tahrir government complex.
  • 1860s Khairy Pasha palace was minister of education. (It became the campus of the American University in Cairo in the 1920s)
  • 1814 Al-Gawhara Palace at Cairo citadel
  • 1854 Kasr al-Nil (now demolished but the area in downtown Cairo still carries its name)
  • 1863 Gezirah Palace(now a private hotel)
  • 1863 Abdeen Palace - former royal residence, Cairo
  • 1897 Count Gabriel Habib El-Sakakini Pasha Palace at Old Cairo
  • 1898 Anisa Wissa Palace, Fayoum.
  • 1899 Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik palace (now the Manyal Palace museum)
  • 1899 Prince Said Halim Pasha Palace in Down town Cairo.
  • late 19th century Koubbeh Palace, El-Quba
  • 20th century Fouad Serageddin Pasha's palace, Garden city.
  • 20th century EL-Dobara palace (now a government school)
  • 20th century Tahra palace, El-Zayton
  • 1901 The Palace of Saad Zaghloul Pasha (Beit El-Omma Museum)
  • 1911 Baron Empain palace
  • 1910 Heliopolis Palace, Heliopolis, Cairo
  • 1915 Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil palace (now a museum)
  • 1920s Prince Amr Ibrahim Palace, Zamalek (now the Museum of Islamic Ceramics)
  • 1924 Kurmet Ibn Hani' (Ahmed Shawki museum).
  • Unknown (Before 1939) Prince Yousef Kamal Palace at Ain Shams district, now Desert research institute.
  • Montaza Palace, Alexandria
  • Ras Al-Teen Palace, Alexandria
  • Others

  • Qaroun Palace (Qasr Qaroun) is actually a Ptolemaic temple.Fayoum.
  • Hatshepsut's Palace is actually Deir el-Bahri Hatshepsut's temple
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