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List of members of the Frankfurt Parliament

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On 18 May 1848, elected deputies of the Frankfurt National Assembly gathered in the Kaisersaal and walked solemnly to the Paulskirche to hold the first session of the new Parliament, under its chairman (by seniority) Friedrich Lang. Then, Heinrich Gagern of Wiesbaden was elected president of the parliament.

The total number of sitting deputies at any given time would vary considerably during the life of the National Assembly. Sittings were regular, yet many deputies failed to appear, protested various sittings, were replaced by proxies, or removed from the sittings. In total, there were 809 deputies between 18 May 1848 and the forcible closure of the Rump Parliament on 18 June 1849.

The following 379 deputies were recorded in attendance in the first sitting of the National Assembly on 18 May 1848:


List of members of the Frankfurt Parliament Wikipedia

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