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List of ludologists

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This is a list of notable people in the field of game studies to help avert confusion from the list of game theorists.

  • Roger Caillois - sociologist who focused on things such as games and playing.
  • Tracy Fullerton - Writer on game design.
  • Amy Jo Kim and Jane McGonigal - Game designers who support the gamification of learning.
  • Sherry Turkle - sociologist and psychologist who explored the concept of identity in relation to massively multiplayer online roleplaying in games such as MUDs.
  • T. L. Taylor - sociologist who researches online gaming cultures.
  • Brenda Laurel - advocate for video game development and co-founder of Purple Moon. She is a theorist who specializes in studying the development of games for girls.
  • Henry Jenkins - media scholar.
  • Janet Murray - researcher who connects the subject of artificial intelligence with various forms of media.
  • Espen Aarseth
  • Jesper Juul
  • Ian Bogost
  • Oliver Grau
  • Yanis Varoufakis - Valve Corporation's in-house economist.
  • Gonzalo Frasca- Uruguayan game designer and researcher.
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