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List of layout engines

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The following is a list of named layout engines. While all applications which display content based on HTML use layout engines, not all layout engines are given code names by their developers. The majority of the layout engines below are found in web browsers, but many are also used in email applications or operating systems.


Graphical - current

  • Blink – for Google Chrome, Opera version 15+, Sleipnir version 5+, and Maxthon version 4.2+
  • Dillo – for Dillo
  • EdgeHTML – for Microsoft Edge
  • Gecko – for Firefox, Camino, K-Meleon, SeaMonkey, Netscape, and other Gecko-based browsers
  • Goanna – for Pale Moon, FossaMail
  • KHTML – for Konqueror
  • MARTHA (layout engine) – for RealObjects
  • NetFront – for Access NetFront
  • NetSurf – for NetSurf
  • Prince
  • Robin – for The Bat!
  • Servo – developed by Mozilla and Samsung, written in Rust
  • Tkhtml – for hv3
  • WebKit – for iOS (including both mobile Safari, WebViews within third-party apps, and web clips), Safari, Arora, Midori, OmniWeb (since version 5), Shiira, iCab since version 4, Web, SRWare Iron, Rekonq, Sleipnir, in Maxthon 3, and Google Chrome up to version 27
  • Links2 launched with -g flag. ChangeLog
  • Text-based

  • Links
  • Lynx
  • W3m
  • Historical

  • Boxely – for AOL applications
  • GtkHTML – for Novell Evolution and other GTK+ programs
  • HTMLayout – ("not supported anymore, please use Sciter instead") embeddable HTML/CSS rendering engine – component for Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems
  • iCab – for iCab 1-3
  • Mariner – for the unreleased Netscape Communicator 5
  • OffByOne (only has HTML 3.2 support)
  • OmniWeb – for OmniWeb 1-4
  • Presto – Opera 7-15, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and MX 2004 (Mac), and Adobe Creative Suite 2
  • Tasman – for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac, Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac, and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.
  • Trident – for Internet Explorer since version 4.0 and embedded WebBrowser controls (such as Internet Explorer shells, Maxthon and some media players)
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