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List of language creators

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A conlanger /ˈkɒnlæŋər/ is a person who invents conlangs (constructed languages).


Professional conlangers

Individuals who have been hired to create languages.

  • Victoria Fromkin - Paku (a.k.a. Pakuni)
  • Paul Frommer - Na'vi, Barsoomian
  • Marc Okrand - Klingon, Vulcan, Atlantean
  • Matt Pearson - Thhtmaa
  • David J. Peterson - Dothraki, Valyrian, Kastithanu, L'Irathi, Indojisnen, Sondiv, Shiväisith, Lishepus, Trigedasleng, Noalath, Inha, Munja'kin
  • Wolf Wikeley - Tho Fan
  • Published international-auxiliary conlangers

    "Auxlangers" are conlangers who have created languages intended for international communication.

  • Louis de Beaufront
  • Léon Bollack
  • James Cooke Brown
  • Louis Couturat
  • Alexander Gode
  • Ján Herkeľ
  • Lancelot Hogben
  • Otto Jespersen
  • Juraj Križanić
  • Matija Majar
  • Vojtěch Merunka
  • Jackson Moore
  • Charles Kay Ogden
  • Giuseppe Peano
  • Kenneth L. Pike
  • Waldemar Rosenberger
  • Johann Martin Schleyer
  • Kenneth Searight
  • Jan van Steenbergen
  • Edgar de Wahl
  • L. L. Zamenhof
  • Published fictional conlangers

    Conlangers whose work has been published in books or other media that they created:

  • Richard Adams: Lapine, in Watership Down
  • Hector Berlioz
  • Anthony Burgess: Nadsat in A Clockwork Orange & a prehistoric language in Quest for Fire.
  • Samuel R. Delany
  • Suzette Doctolero: Enchanta from the Encantadia Saga.
  • Diane Duane
  • Suzette Haden Elgin: Láadan, in the Native Tongue series
  • Václav Havel
  • Frank Herbert
  • M.A.R. Barker: Tsolyáni for Tékumel
  • Hergé
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Barry B. Longyear
  • Morioka Hiroyuki
  • George Orwell: Newspeak, in Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Lynne Sharon Schwartz: in The Writing on the Wall
  • J. R. R. Tolkien: more than twenty languages including Quenya, Sindarin, Khuzdul; see Languages constructed by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Karen Traviss: Mando'a in the Star Wars expanded universe
  • Christian Vander
  • Tad Williams: Higher Singing in Tailchaser's Song
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Robert Jordan: The Old Tongue in The Wheel of Time
  • Christopher Paolini: The Ancient Language in the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon and its sequels)
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