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List of individual elephants

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This is a list of historical elephants by name.


A - F

  • Abul-Abbas - Charlemagne's elephant
  • Arjuna, lead elephant of the Mysore Dasara procession and carries the idol of the deity Chamundeshwari on the Golden Howdah
  • Balarama, preceded Arjuna (see above); Golden Howdah-carrier between 1999 and 2011
  • Batyr (1970–93), the "talking elephant" of Karagandy Zoo in Kazakhstan
  • Black Diamond, Indian elephant with Al G. Barnes Circus; killed four people and was subsequently shot in 1929
  • Castor and Pollux, served as food to the wealthy citizens of Paris during the siege in 1870
  • Chunee, an elephant in the menagerie at Exeter Exchange; executed by soldiers from Somerset House in March 1826
  • The Cremona elephant, given to Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II by the Sultan of Egypt in 1229
  • Drona, preceded Balarama (see above); died from accidentally electrocuting himself in 1998
  • Echo, the "most studied elephant in the world, the subject of several books and documentaries, including two NATURE films"
  • Fanny the elephant, a former circus elephant that resided in Slater Park Zoo in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, from 1958–93. She was moved to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch sanctuary in 1993 because the city closed the zoo exhibits due to financial crises. She lived the last ten years of her life at the sanctuary and died in 2003. A statue to her memory stands in Slater Park.
  • G - O

  • Hanno the elephant, pet elephant of Pope Leo X
  • Hansken, toured many European countries from 1637 to 1655 demonstrating circus tricks
  • Hattie of New York City's Central Park Zoo, in 1903 was described as the "most intelligent of all elephants"
  • John L. Sullivan (1860? – 1932), the boxing elephant in Adam Forepaugh's circus. In 1922, he made a pilgrimage from Madison Square Garden to the Elephant Hotel in Somers, New York, to pay tribute to Old Bet the elephant.
  • Jumbo, P. T. Barnum's elephant whose name is the origin of the word jumbo (meaning "very large" or "oversized"). The African elephant was given the name Jumbo by zookeepers at the London Zoo. The name was most likely derived from the Swahili word jumbe meaning "chief". The Tufts University mascot is named after Jumbo. In Mysore, India Vijayadashami Elephant procession during Dasara is called as Jumbo Savari (referred to as Jumbo Savari by the British during their control of Mysore State). The original name to this procession is Jumbi Savari (going to the Banni(Shami)tree). Now Goddess Chamundeshwari is taken in procession on an Elephant. But the "Jumbo" name is still intact. Jumbo was the name of another elephant, used by John Hoyte et al. to cross the Alps in 1959 to retrace Hannibal's march across the Alps.
  • Kandula, the legendary royal war elephant of Sri Lanka was given to the infant prince Dutugamunu in the 2nd century BC. The king and his elephant grew up together. A Sri Lankan elephant born November 25, 2001, at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. is named after Kandula.
  • Kesavan, an Indian elephant which was associated with the Guruvayur temple in Kerala, India. The elephant was known for its extremely devout behaviour.
  • Kolakolli, an Indian rogue elephant from Peppara sanctuary that died in captivity in 2006.
  • Lallah Rookh, an elephant with Dan Rice's circus. She died in 1860 soon after swimming across the Ohio River.
  • Lizzie, who in 1916-1918 worked hauling goods in Sheffield in England.
  • Lin Wang, a Burmese elephant that served with the Chinese Expeditionary Force during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and later moved to Taiwan with the Kuomintang army. Lin Wang became a fond childhood memory among many Taiwanese. When he died in 2003, he was (and still is) the longest-living captive elephant at 86.
  • Mary a.k.a. "Mighty Mary" and "Murderous Mary", a circus elephant executed on September 13, 1916, in Erwin, Tennessee. She was hanged by a railroad derrick car at the Clinchfield Railroad yard. This is the only known elephant hanging in history. Mary, who toured with the Sparks World Famous Shows circus, killed her inexperienced keeper, Walter "Red" Eldridge, on September 12, 1916, during a circus parade in Kingsport, Tennessee. Eldridge had supposedly hit Mary's tusk or ear when she wandered from the parade line to eat a piece of discarded watermelon.
  • Mona - euthanized June 21, 2007 at the Birmingham Zoo in Birmingham, Alabama. Thought, at 60, to have been the oldest Asian elephant in the United States. After the death of her companion, Susie, Mona's health and living conditions were the subject of a long campaign to have her transferred out of the zoo to a sanctuary.
  • Motty, the only confirmed Asian/African hybrid elephant; survived for just 12 days
  • Old Bet, an early American circus elephant owned by Hachaliah Bailey. On July 24, 1816, she was shot and killed while on tour near Alfred, Maine, by a farmer who thought it was sinful for poor people to waste money on a traveling circus. Old Bet's owner responded by building a three story memorial called the Elephant Hotel which now serves as a town hall.
  • Osama bin Laden, a rogue elephant which killed at least 27 people in India from 2004 to 2006, and another that was active until killed in 2008
  • P - Z

  • Packy (1962–2017 ), resident of Oregon Zoo (formerly Washington Park Zoo, originally Portland Zoo) in Portland, Oregon. First Asian elephant born in the Western Hemisphere in 44 years. Now the patriarch of the zoo's herd and has sired seven offspring (although four have died).
  • Queenie (elephant) (—1944), gave rides for children at Melbourne Zoo for 40 years.
  • Queenie (waterskiing elephant) (1952–2011), noted in the late 1950s and early 1960s for waterskiing for entertainment.
  • Raja, elephant who carried the holiest Buddhist shrine in Kandy, Sri Lanka
  • Raja Gaj, a bull elephant that lived in the Bardiya National Park, Nepal who was considered to be the world's largest Asian Elephant of modern times
  • Rajje (1951?-1963) A performing elephant that escaped into the streets of Lansing, Michigan, and was killed by gunfire.
  • Rogue elephant of Aberdare Forest, a ferocious bull elephant killed by J. A. Hunter in the Aberdare Range, Kenya
  • Rosie the Elephant, famous for promoting Miami Beach, Florida
  • Ruby, (1973–1998), elephant artist, resided at the Phoenix Zoo; at least one painting by her was sold for $100,000
  • Salt and Sauce, considered the most famous British elephants of their era and mentioned in several circus books
  • Satao, one of Kenya's largest African elephants, had unusually large tusks and was killed by poachers in 2014
  • Suleiman the elephant, presented in 1551 to Maximilian II, the Holy Roman Emperor, by John III, the King of Portugal, and named after the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Surus ("the Syrian"), mentioned as the bravest of Hannibal's 37 war elephants which crossed the Alps in 218 BC during the Second Punic War, by Cato the Elder in his book Origines.
  • Tai, known for featuring in the films Larger than Life and Water for Elephants
  • Topsy, (c. 1875 – January 4, 1903). In 1902, while with the Forepaugh Circus, she killed a spectator who burned her trunk with a lit cigar. In 1903 the owners of a Coney Island park where she ended up publicly executed her via poison, electrocution, and strangling. The Edison Manufacturing movie company shot a film of the execution called Electrocuting an Elephant.
  • Tuffi, a young female elephant who fell from Wuppertal's suspended monorail into the river Wupper on July 21, 1950 (and survived the fall)
  • Tusko, billed as the meanest elephant
  • Tyke, a circus elephant who on August 20, 1994, in Honolulu, Hawaii, killed her trainer Allen Campbell and gored her groom Dallas Beckwith, causing severe injuries during a Circus International performance before hundreds of horrified spectators. Tyke then bolted from the arena and ran through downtown streets of Kakaako for more than 30 minutes. Police fired 86 shots at Tyke, who eventually collapsed from the wounds and died.
  • Ziggy, a famously rebellious elephant at Brookfield Zoo
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