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List of horse breeds in DAD IS

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This is a list of all the horse breeds in the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System database of the FAO. There are about 1400 horse breed entries, reported by almost 200 countries, not all of which have horses. The breed names are those held in the database, and thus reflect the diversity between the various reporting countries; intentionally, no attempt has been made to link, unify, rationalise or translate them. One spelling error has been corrected.

The list can be sorted by country, which offers no advantage over the database itself. The default sort order is alphabetical by breed, which allows the geographical range of a breed such as the Morgan to be seen. It is also text-searchable, which may help find all entries for, say, the Mérens.

Breeds in the database

In September 2011 the breeds in the database were:


List of horse breeds in DAD-IS Wikipedia

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