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List of homing endonuclease cutting sites

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The homing endonucleases are a special type of restriction enzymes encoded by introns or inteins. They act on the cellular DNA of the cell that synthesizes them; to be precise, in the opposite allele of the gene that encode them.

Further information: Homing endonuclease.

Homing endonucleases

The list includes some of the most studied examples. The following concepts have been detailed:

  • Enzyme: Accepted name of the molecule, according to the internationally adopted nomenclature. Bibliographical references. (Further reading: see the section "Nomenclature" in the article "Homing endonuclease".)
  • SF (Structural family): Any of the four established families for this kind of proteins, based in their shared structural motifs: HI: LAGLIDADG family – HII: GIY-YIG family – HIII: H-N-H family – HIV: His-Cys box family. (Further reading: see the section "Structural families" in the article "Homing endonuclease".)
  • PDB code: Code used to identify the structure of a protein in the PDB database.
  • Source: Organism that naturally produces the enzyme.
  • D: Biological domain of the source: A: archaea – B: bacteria – E: eukarya.
  • SCL: Subcelullar location: chloro: chloroplast – chrm: chromosomal – mito: mitochondrial – nuclear: extrachromosomal nuclear – phage: bacteriophage.
  • Recognition sequence: Sequence of DNA recognized by the enzyme. The enzyme is specifically bound to this sequence.
  • Cut: Cutting site and products of the cut. Both the recognition sequence and the cutting site match usually, but sometimes the cutting site can be dozens of nucleotides away from the recognition site.
  • *: Nicking endonuclease: These enzymes cut only one DNA strand, leaving the other strand untouched.
    **: Unknown cutting site: Researchers have not been able to determine the exact cutting site of these enzymes yet.


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