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List of geological faults of Scotland

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This is a list of the named geological faults in Scotland. See the main article on faults for a fuller treatment of fault types and nomenclature but in brief, the main types are normal faults, reverse faults, thrusts, thrust faults or slides and strike-slip faults. Many faults may have acted as both normal faults at one time and as reverse or thrust faults at another and may or may not have also incorporated some degree of strike-slip movement too. The terms 'zone' and 'complex' imply collections of features with associated histories.

Key to tables

  • Column 1 indicates the name of the fault. Note that different authors may use different names for the same fault or a section of it. Conversely, the same name may be applied to more than one fault, particularly in the case of smaller faults which are widely separated.
  • Column 2 indicates the OS grid reference of the approximate midpoint of certain faults. Note that the mapped extent of a fault may not accurately reflect its actual extent.
  • Column 3 indicates the county in which the fault occurs. Some traverse two or more counties of course.
  • Column 4 indicates on which sheet, if any, of the British Geological Survey's 1:50,000 / 1" scale geological map series of Scotland, the fault is shown and named (either on map/s or cross-section/s or both). A handful of BGS maps at other scales are listed too.
  • Column 5 indicates a selection of publications in which references to the fault may be found. See references section for full details of publication.
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