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List of eponymous doctrines

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Financial and economic doctrines

  • Bernanke doctrine named after Ben Bernanke
  • Friedman doctrine named after Milton Friedman
  • Legal doctrines

    Most legal doctrines are named after the cases. This section only includes doctrines named after the judges who formulated them.


  • Jenkins–Laporte doctrine named after Martin Jenkins and Elizabeth D. Laporte
  • Argentinian doctrines

  • Calvo Doctrine named after Carlos Calvo (historian)
  • Drago Doctrine named after Luis María Drago
  • Belgian doctrines

  • Harmel Doctrine named after Pierre Harmel
  • Maddens Doctrine named after Bart Maddens
  • Chilean doctrines

  • Schneider Doctrine named after René Schneider
  • Danish doctrines

  • Ellemann–Jensen doctrine named after Uffe Ellemann-Jensen
  • Finnish doctrines

  • Paasikivi–Kekkonen Line named after Finland's consecutive presidents Juho Kusti Paasikivi and Urho Kekkonen.
  • French doctrines

  • Mitterrand doctrine
  • German doctrines

  • Hallstein Doctrine also known as Hallstein–Grewe Doctrine, named after Walter Hallstein and Wilhelm Grewe
  • Ulbricht Doctrine named after Walter Ulbricht
  • Indian doctrines

  • Gujral Doctrine named after I. K. Gujral
  • Iranian doctrines

  • Favadi Doctrine named after Ali Fadavi
  • Israeli doctrines

  • Begin Doctrine named after Menachem Begin
  • Japanese doctrines

  • Fukuda Doctrine named after Takeo Fukuda
  • Taika Reform named after Emperor Kōtoku who took the name "Taika"
  • Yoshida Doctrine named after Shigeru Yoshida
  • Korean doctrines

  • MB Doctrine named after Lee Myung-bak
  • Mexican doctrines

  • Castañeda Doctrine named after Jorge G. Castañeda
  • Estrada Doctrine named after Genaro Estrada
  • Russian/Soviet doctrines

  • Brezhnev Doctrine named after Leonid Brezhnev
  • Sinatra Doctrine named by Gennadi Gerasimov after Frank Sinatra
  • Zhdanov Doctrine named after Andrei Zhdanov
  • UK doctrines

  • Wilson Doctrine named after Harold Wilson
  • US doctrines

  • Bush Doctrine named after George W. Bush
  • Carter Doctrine
  • Clark Memorandum named after J. Reuben Clark
  • Clinton Doctrine
  • Eisenhower Doctrine
  • Hillary Doctrine named after Hillary Clinton
  • Johnson Doctrine
  • Kennedy Doctrine
  • Kirkpatrick Doctrine
  • Monroe Doctrine named after James Monroe
  • Negroponte doctrine named after John Negroponte
  • Nixon Doctrine
  • Obama Doctrine named after Barack Obama
  • Powell Doctrine named after Colin Powell
  • Reagan Doctrine named after Ronald Reagan
  • Roosevelt Corollary named after Theodore Roosevelt
  • Rumsfeld Doctrine named after Donald Rumsfeld
  • Schlesinger Doctrine named after James Schlesinger
  • Stimson Doctrine named after Henry L. Stimson
  • Truman Doctrine
  • Weinberger Doctrine named after Caspar Weinberger
  • Wolfowitz Doctrine named after Paul Wolfowitz
  • Yugoslav doctrines

  • Titoism named after Josip Broz Tito
  • Religious doctrines

  • Armstrongism named after Herbert W. Armstrong
  • Doctrine of Addai named after Thaddeus of Edessa known as Saint Addai
  • Doctrine of Calvin named after John Calvin
  • Doctrine of Father Divine
  • Doctrines of Meister Eckhart
  • Molinism named after Luis de Molina
  • Nestorian doctrine named after Nestorius
  • Priscillianism named after Priscillian
  • Socinianism named after Fausto Sozzini
  • Fictional doctrines

  • Dulles Doctrine attributed to Allen Dulles
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