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List of diplomatic missions of Taiwan

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List of diplomatic missions of Taiwan

The diplomatic missions of Taiwan include embassies and representative offices. Due to its unique political status, the Republic of China (Taiwan) only maintains a handful of full-fledged diplomatic missions abroad. Notably, the Republic of China is one of the few countries in the world that has resident embassies in all of the countries with which it has diplomatic relations.

In countries with which the ROC does not have diplomatic relations, unofficial intermediary bodies, whose heads are nonetheless appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, are maintained for routine matters that would otherwise be handled by embassies or consulates, such as passport and visa issuance, public affairs, economic, cultural, and educational cooperation, etc. These offices are usually titled "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office" or "Taipei Representative Office". Owing to the One-China policy practised by many states, very few countries allow unofficial Taiwanese missions to operate under the country's official name, but among those that do are Fiji, Jordan, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. In turn, many countries maintain missions in Taipei, such as the American Institute in Taiwan, which function as de facto embassies.

Taiwan is represented in an unofficial capacity in the two Special Administrative Regions of China. In Hong Kong the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Hong Kong provides a limited range of services on behalf of the Taiwanese government, working strictly in an unofficial capacity. When Hong Kong was under British administration, the service was managed by Taiwan's foreign ministry, but since the handover in 1997, it has been administered by the Mainland Affairs Council. In Macau, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Macau works under a similar remit. In addition, under a mechanism established in 2010, governments of Taiwan and Hong Kong engage through representation by the Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council (ECCC) and Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic and Cultural Co-operation and Promotion Council (ECCPC) respectively.


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