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Kurt E. Koch

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Died  25 January 1987
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Books  Occult ABC, Between Christ and Satan, Occult bondage and deliv, Demonology Past and Present, Christian Counseling and Occu
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Kurt E. Koch (born 16 November 1913 in Berghausen; died January 25, 1987) was a Protestant theologian and writer. He was best known for his publications on the Occult.


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After studying Protestant theology, Kurt obtained a doctorate in theology from the University of Tübingen. He then became a pastor at the service of the Protestant Church in Baden. His functions were mainly working with young people and evangelism.

In addition, Koch spent many years working as a missionary in Africa, in close collaboration with the humanitarian mission Kwasizabantu (KSB). In 1949, he founded a mission with the purpose of distributing the Bible and evangelistic writings around the world for free. The mission still exists today as a registered association in Schwäbisch Gmünd Lindach as part of KSB. Over the following years, his missionary and evangelistic work led him to more than 100 countries, where he held lectures at universities, seminaries, Bible schools, and many churches on every continent. He was also a publicist.

Writing and theology

The main themes of his work and books were: the decision to live one's life for Christ, pastoral care in relation to the occult, information about demonic spirits, the various areas of revival of the earth, the work of the Holy Spirit and the return of Jesus.

Some of his books he published under the following pseudonyms: Klaus Becker, Carol Córnea, Peter cardo, Kazimierz Kucharski, Marc Marot, René Monod[2]

Koch was convinced of the existence of witchcraft and black magic that competed in a fight against "the good" for terrestrial supremacy.

Publishing company

Koch founded his own publishing company to distribute his writings. His publisher, Kwaziabantu, is today the leading distributor of its materials in Germany and run by his daughter.

Publications (selection)

  • Jesus heals, evangelism Publishing, 5th Edition 1962
  • Heinrich Coerper and his work by publishing the Liebenzeller mission, Bad love Zell / Württemberg 1964
  • Occult ABC Bible and Scripture Mission Dr. Kurt E. Koch eV, 4th edition 1996
  • God among the Zulus. Herold -Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1979
  • Pastoral and the occult. 26 Edition, well- Verlag, Basel / Casting, 1985 ISBN 3-924293-18-X (English: Christian Counseling and Occultism)
  • Possession and exorcism.. 1 Edition, Bible and Mission Scriptures, 1992, ISBN 978-0-88981-028-0
  • Literature

  • Helmuth Pfandl. With Jesus around the world to work in the life of Kurt E. Koch Evangelization Publishers, Laval Canada, 1983 ISBN 0-88981-016-8
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