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Haddock (surname)

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Haddock is a surname of English. It may refer to many people.


It may come from the medieval word Ædduc, a diminutive of Æddi, a short form of various compound names including the root ēad, meaning prosperity or fortune.

It may also refer to someone who comes from Haydock, a town near Liverpool. "Haydock" probably comes from the Welsh word heiddog, meaning "characterized by barley."

It may also come from Middle English hadduc, referring to someone who worked as a fisherman or a fish seller, or who looked like a fish.


  • Austin Haddock (born 1934), former name of Austin Mitchell, a British Member of Parliament
  • B

  • Bradley Haddock (born 1955), VP, general counsel, and secretary of Koch Chemical Group
  • C

  • Charles Brickett Haddock (1796–1861), New Hampshire educator and politician
  • Chris Haddock, Canadian screenwriter and producer
  • D

  • Doris Haddock (1910–2010), politician and liberal political activist from New Hampshire, originally named Ethel Doris Rollins
  • F

  • Francis Oliver Haddock (1892–1934), police officer killed in the line of duty.
  • Frank Channing Haddock (1853–1915), American New Thought and self-help author
  • G

  • George Haddock (baseball) (1866–1926), American Major League baseball pitcher
  • George Haddock (politician) (1863–1930), British Conservative member of Parliament
  • Gray Haddock (born 1982), American actor and film producer
  • H

  • Harry Haddock (1925–1998), Scottish footballer who spent almost his entire career with Clyde
  • Herbert Haddock (1861–1946), Captain of the RMS Olympic at the time of the sinking of its sister ship the RMS Titanic
  • J

  • Julie Anne Haddock (born 1965), American child actress of the 1970s and 80s
  • L

  • Laura Haddock (born 1985), English actress
  • Luis Haddock (born 1982), tennis player from Puerto Rico
  • M

  • Mark Haddock (born 1968), Northern Irish Loyalist paramilitary leader and British Special Branch informer
  • N

  • Neil Haddock (born 1964), Welsh super-featherweight boxing champion
  • Nicholas Haddock (1686–1746), admiral in the British Royal Navy and member of Parliament
  • P

  • Peter Haddock (born 1961), English footballer
  • R

  • Richard Haddock
  • Sir Richard Haddock (c. 1629–1715), Royal Navy admiral and Parliament member
  • Richard Haddock (1673-1751), son of Sir Richard Haddock
  • W

  • William F. Haddock (1877–1969), American silent film director
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