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Crossing (2007 film)

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Director  Roger Evan Larry
Initial DVD release  March 16, 2007 (Finland)
Language  English
5/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama, Romance
Screenplay  Sandra Tomc
Country  Canada
Crossing (2007 film) movie poster
Writer  Roger Evan Larry, Sandra Tomc
Release date  January 30, 2007
Music director  Jim Guttridge, Francis P. DeCarlo, Frank De Carlo
Cast  Sebastian Spence (Daniel Cimmerman), Crystal Buble (Davina Nicholson), Bif Naked (Bernie), Jo Bates (Sheryl Hopkins), Warren Christie (Tom Hopkins), Alan C. Peterson (Uncle Bunny)
Similar movies  Sebastian Spence appears in Crossing and Ice Blues

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Crossing is a 2007 Canadian independent feature film starring Sebastian Spence, Crystal Buble, Bif Naked and Fred Ewanuick. From the writer/director team of Roger Evan Larry and Sandra Tomc.

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A romantic thriller, Crossing follows the story of macho Danarama (Sebastian Spence), who makes a deathbed promise to his father to turn their family from petty gangsters to upright brokerage owners. The only thing standing in Daniel's way is his newly discovered desire to dress up like a girl. Embroiling himself in an intense romance with a blackmailing prostitute (Crystal Buble), Daniel must find a way through a maze of disgrace and pleasure to discover where his true loyalties lie.


  • Sebastian Spence as Daniel
  • Crystal Buble as Davina
  • Bif Naked as Bernie
  • Alan C. Peterson as Uncle Bunny
  • Fred Ewanuick as Alfie
  • Jo Bates as Sheryl
  • Warren Christie as Tom
  • Bernie Coulson as Matt
  • L. Harvey Gold as Louis
  • Tara Wilson as Anika
  • Sasha Piltsin as Janko
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