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Boyes is a family name and may refer to:

  • Adam Boyes (born 1990), English semi-professional footballer
  • Brad Boyes (born 1982), American ice hockey player
  • Brian Barratt-Boyes (1924–2006), New Zealand heart surgeon
  • Dave Boyes (born 1964), Canadian rower
  • Duncan Gordon Boyes (1846–1869), British recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Fiona Boyes, Australian blues musician
  • Frank Boyes (1874–1961), Canadian politician and cheese maker
  • George Boyes (1910–1986), South African cricketer
  • Harry Boyes (1868–1892), South African rugby union player
  • Harry Boyes (cricketer) (1908–1979), South African cricketer
  • Jerry Boyes, American football coach
  • John H. Boyes (1886–1958), New Zealand Public Service Commissioner
  • John Boyes (musician) (born 1966), British musician and photographer
  • Karl Boyes (1936–2003), American politician
  • Ken Boyes (footballer, born 1895) (1895–1963), English professional footballer
  • Ken Boyes (footballer, born 1935) (1935–2010), English professional footballer
  • Rex Boyes, New Zealand soccer player
  • Roger Boyes (born 1952), British journalist
  • Roland Boyes (1937–2006), British politician
  • Stuart Boyes (1899–1973), English cricketer
  • Walter Boyes (1913–1960), English professional footballer
  • Places
  • Boyes, Montana, USA
  • Boyes Hot Springs, California, USA
  • Other
  • Bad Boyes, 1987 British children's television series
  • Boyes, trading name of UK department store chain W Boyes & Co
  • Coope Boyes and Simpson, British vocal folk trio
  • References

    Boyes Wikipedia

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